Festival sur le Niger 2025

Du 04 au 09 février 2025

Theme : « Diversité culturelle, paix et unité »



Contemporary Art Fair

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Ségou’ Art is a space for the promotion of contemporary African art. It brings together gallery owners, collectors, art lovers and art critics
around the works of young emerging talents from Africa and elsewhere, with a view to publicizing them and promoting their work, but also
to initiating reflction on the development of the visual arts in Africa, and creating the optimum conditions for their emergence. Ségou’ Art is
also the Local Contemporary Art Fair - FLAC is an art market designed to promote the creativity of Malian artists and enable them to sell their
work. The 2024 contemporary art fair will feature the following activities :

- International IN exhibition of emerging artists from Africa ;
- International exhibition of established artists from Africa and elsewhere ;
- Masters Class (Painting, Sculpture, Design) ;
- OFF exhibitions throughout the city of Ségou ;
- Visual art workshops for children ;
- Exhibition of Mali’s art galleries ;
- A museum exhibition.

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