5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 Fév 2014
Ségou - Mali


La Fondation Festival sur le Niger est une organisation culturelle qui travaille pour le développement de la culture à travers deux programmes phares: Le Festival sur le Niger et le Centre Culturel Kôrè.


Meet the team behind the Festival sur le Niger


The Centre Culturel Kôrè is dedicated to the development of arts and culture, research and artistic production in Ségou. The Center is open for everyone: artists and cultural actors in Mali and elsewhere seeking to expand their work.



SEGOU Ségou Segou, land of history and culture. Segou is the prestigious capital of the ancient Bambara kingdom in the heart of West Africa on the banks of the River Niger.


Festival on the Niger


For the development of art and culture


Born from the incredible cultural, social, economic and tourism momentum generated in recent years by the advent of the Festival sur le Niger in Ségou and initiatives that are linked to it, the Foundation Festival sur le Niger aims to gather energies and bring together some expertise for the development and improvement of the professions of art and culture in Mali and Africa.

It was established in August 2009 in order to capitalize on and sustain the achievements of the Festival sur le Niger in order to further contribute to the promotion of culture, heritage preservation, promotion of the local economy of the region,  the structuring of the cultural sector, cultural production and the decentralization of cultural life. It is an initiative of the organizers of the festival and several cultural and tourism actors of Ségou.



The objective of the Foundation is to develop culture through:


  • The valorization and promotion of artistic and cultural expressions;
  • The reinforcement of development potential of culture through training, research and accompaniment of artists;
  • Supporting the local economy;
  • Contributing to turn Ségou into  a region of cultural excellence;
  • The development of cultural entrepreneurship
  • Contributing  to turn  Ségou into a major tourist destination in West Africa
  • Participation in safeguarding the Niger River


Areas of intervention

The foundation will help to synergize several programs for the development of art and culture with a local development perspective. These programs influence and feed each other. Programs of the Foundation are:


  • The Program for the development and improvement of the professions of culture through the support to the Kôrè Cultural Center.
  • Festival sur le Niger Program (dedicated to the promotion and valorization of the artistic and cultural expressions)
  • The Research and development Program (It works as a resource center dedicated to research on the New Economy, cultural entrepreneurship, production and distribution of books on local and cultural knowledge and management of cultural events.)
  • The LED Program (a program for the promotion and development of the local economy through training and support to structures which promote the local economy of the region such as: CPEL-Ségou, the Association SMARTS Ségou, etc.)


The Foundation Festival sur le Niger for the Development of Culture in Mali focused on its areas of expertise: research and development of studies and reports on the culture and the performing arts (music, dance, theatrical expression); visual arts, heritage, training.

Through its various activities, the Foundation carries out its mission in an ongoing effort to reduce poverty, protect environmental and educate people.


Some results of the Foundation

Since its creation in 2009, the Foundation Festival sur le Niger has achieved satisfactory results, including:


Under the promotion of the local economy 

  • Contribution to the initiation and implementation of the CPEL (Council for the Promotion of Local Economy) with the City of Ségou; www.cpelsegou.org;
  • Promotion of the local economy with a net injection of 2.278 billion FCFA for the first five editions in the local economy according to a study of impact;
  • Job creation in the 2012 Edition: 2093 including 140 direct jobs, 1,953 indirect;
  •  Promotion and development of Bogolan, of earthen architecture and woven loincloth in Ségou through its SMARTS Ségou program, with the creation of the label woven loincloth and  tourism in Ségou


Under the development of art and culture

  • Creation of the Kôrè Cultural Center, a sub-regional reference centre for the development and the improvement of the professions of culture;
  • Creation of Kôrè Institute of Arts and Professions (IKAM) for appropriate training of cultural entrepreneurs and artists, with an offer of quality teaching on oral traditions;
  • Arts education for pupils  throughout the year at the Kôrè Cultural Centre;
  • Production and management of fifteen artists each year at the Kôrè Cultural Centre, the products are available at the Kôrè Cultural Centre;
  • Contribution to turn Ségou into a cultural capital with the Organization a dozen artist residencies each year to promote artistic creation in the city 

For more information, please visit: www.koresegou.com


Under the valorization of cultural and artistic expressions and cultural diversity


  • Valorization of artistic and cultural expressions throughout the year with ninety (90) shows divided between five (5) stages during the weeks of the Festival sur le Niger , offering large spaces to traditional troupes;
  • Creation of frameworks for exchange and consultation with all stakeholders of the festival: religious, griots, hunters, kôrèdugaw , artists, cultural actors , resource persons from the region ... for better management of the event.
  • Organization of ten ( 10) talks and debates called Kôrè Baro  every year in the Kôrè Cultural Centre on topical issues, promoting cultural diversity and social cohesion in Ségou;
  • Meeting and exchange between people and festival goers are stimulated through the homestay program each year ( 200 families in 2009) ;
  • Promoting Twinning between Ségou and Richmond, Virginia , USA. This twinning was formalized in October 2009 ;
  • Institution of fruitful partnerships with the International Ollinkan Festival (Portugal & Mexico) and Mandingo Days Festival in Sédhiou in Senegal , as well as Tagaralte Festival in Morocco;
  • Representative of the United Cultures for Development Network (UCD Network) in Mali.


For more information, please visit : www.festivalsegou.org


Under research and development


  • contribution to elaboration of the cultural policy of Mali and the production of reference documents for the Ministry of culture as '' the status of the artist and the professional of culture '' and '' general statements on cultural diversity and social cohesion in Mali”;
  • Organization of scientific symposium on development issues, with strong recommendations submitted to higher authorities (Symposium Ségou) ;
  • Production of reference book on cultural entrepreneurship "Maaya Entrepreneurship”.
  • Promotion of public -private partnership through various exchanges and transfers of skills with the department of culture and its technical services;
  • Advocacy for the Safeguarding of the Niger River through the creation of an Observatory of the river;
  • Creating synergies between cultural actors from different areas for the development and promotion of arts and culture through KYA Network of which the foundation is a founding member and the chair, for the emergence of a cultural civil society in Mali.


For more information, please visit : www.reseaukya.org