Festival sur le Niger 2024

From January 30 to February 04, 2024

Theme: "Youth & Tradition"



Cultural caravan for peace-Mali-Morocco

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The Cultural Caravan for Peace is a trans-Saharan Sahel cooperation network born in 2013 from the desire of the three festivals

(Festival Taragalte du Maroc, Festival au Désert and Festival surle Niger in Mali) to promote dialogue, peace, cultural diversity, and social cohesion, in the Sahel and the Sahara, but also to promote and enhance the cultural and artistic expressions of Africa, while encouraging cultural

Beyond the promotion of cultural and socio-economic exchanges and considering the socio-political context that is becoming increasingly difficult, the Cultural Caravan for Peace network is committed to pursuing its objective of active participation in the establishment of lasting peace in the Sahel and Sahara regions through a major awareness and communication campaign in favor of the process of national reconciliation through inter-community exchanges and the enhancement of gastronomic diversity.

Given the climate emergency and serious environmental problems, festivals being among the biggest polluters, one of the priorities of the Cultural Caravan for Peace program will be to work on the creation of a sustainable festival label "Green Festival" that emphasizes good environmental management through the development of a festival sustainability charter.

The cultural caravan project is structured around a few main axes that are:

• The promotion of the concept of sustainable festivals "Green Festival" by facilitating the appropriation and adoption of good practices in environmental management and the use of resources in our various festivals and caravan partners through the development of a charter of conduct;

• The intensification of inter-community exchanges in order to contribute to social cohesion and peace in the Sahel-Saharan space, especially in the countries crossed by the caravan through dynamic cultural and artistic cooperation of the members of the network;

• The contribution to the search for lasting peace through support for the achievement of the objectives of the national reconciliation process initiated in Mali since the May/June 2015 peace agreements;

• Support for the local economy through the promotion of crafts and culinary arts;

• Promotion, and exchanges of artists by offering opportunities to our young talents through our Touring circuit.



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