1 - 2 -3 -4 -5 - Fév 2017
Ségou - Mali

Les Componentes du Festival sur le Niger

Les Festival sur le Niger, Ségou, Mali




Theater with Adama Traoré from Acte Sept, “La messe est dite” (“the mass has been said”) 



The leader must come in person, accompanied by national and in- ternational TV, to inaugurate a monument erected in honor of a hero (in this instance: a child), after a civil war somewhere in Africa. The five protagonists raise profound disagreements on working memory. How history is written? How and why history is falsified? Why and for whom is the truth falsified? How the insidiously manipulation of history is happening, always supported by television supposed to testify the truth ... Is that why history stutters, and that the horrors suffered by civil society are perpetuated? As playful satirical comedy, critical and humorous, author and director, Adama Traoré questions the standardization of thought. He challenges the virulent format- ting imposed by a globalization based on profit and materialism. 



 The Duo Habib Dembélé (Guimba) and Michel Sanga 

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Michel and Guimba, this couple created spontaneously at the mer- cy of friendship and brotherhood is undoubtedly the one that for decades has given a steel point, a remarkable subtlety, incredible intelligence and sensible direction to the Malian humor. Creators of the first comedy show of the Malian television, they are the real in- stigators of the new generation of Malian comedians and inspired many small Guimba who now contribute significantly to gladden the Malian people... Michel and Guimba are programed for the next edition of the Festival sur le Niger in Ségou with two of their countless Sketches that remain engraved in the collective memory: Sabounyouman and Dioro-Dioro. The first one draws people’s at- tention to the poor and dangerous road of the creativity of our griot singers. The second one shows the techniques used by little crooks to swindle the modest and peaceful villagers, all in the delirious vehicle of laughter.... 


Performance with Kary B. Coulibaly: “Le Grand Sumu de Madou Wolo 



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The performance “Le Grand Sumu de Madou Wolo” is a blend of cultural and artistic genre where theater, dance, music, singing intertwine in perfect harmo- ny. Chosen themes in everyday life are treated separately, one after the other. This performance puts man at the center of everything, this man he calls for tolerance, reconciliation, peace and living together. It calls for citizenship, civic and patriotic spirit. “Culture saves life, theater saves lives.”