1 - 2 -3 -4 -5 - Fév 2017
Ségou - Mali

Les Componentes du Festival sur le Niger

Les Festival sur le Niger, Ségou, Mali


International Fair of Ségou

Foire Artisanale et Agrigole de Ségou

Combining the imagination and creativity of craftsmen and farmers of the Ségou region and the West African sub-region. 


In Ségou, there are many companies, associations and local organizations that have extensive experience and knowledge in various fields of handicrafts and art crafts, furniture and food, especially in the areas of the Bogolan and the woven loincloth. The purpose is to give the opportunity to these local organizations and local producers (Gardeners, craftsmen, farmers, fishermen, traders, etc.), to benefit the great national and international audience drained by the Festival sur le Niger, in order to sell their products and create partnership relations.


The International Fair of Ségou was created in this way, to support and promote these organizations from different sectors and to promote networking and collaboration with other partners.