4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 Fév 2015
Ségou - Mali

Les Componentes du Festival sur le Niger

Les Festival sur le Niger, Ségou, Mali


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Festival sur le Niger 2015

The programming of the 11th edition of the Festival sur le Niger is in progress. 


Message from the Director

The 11th edition of the Festival sur le Niger will take place in a context of reconstruction of the social fabric and the national economy. This edition is placed under the sign of social development and peaceful coexistence through the Cultural Caravan for Peace, factor of cultural mixing and intercultural dialogue, and the Professional Artistic Meetings (RAP), which brings together cultural actors, art professionals and institutions supporting culture around the theme: “Music, Culture and Social Development”.

This edition wants to bring relevant proposals for the reconstruction of the national economy through the Symposium of Ségou, inviting intellectuals from the continent to discuss the issues of employment and adequacy of cultural industries with the local context.

The 2015 edition offers an eclectic, rich and varied musical programming with renowned artists on the banks of the Niger River, and makes a nod to women. Much space is devoted to youth through the creation of the Hip Hop Scene. Ségou will also vibrate to the rhythm of art through workshops, Master Classes and exhibitions. During these few days, Ségou will become the artistic and cultural capital city of Mali and the West African sub-region.

Our thanks go to the municipal, regional and national authorities, to the friends of the festival and to festival goers from different horizons for their continued support.

Finally, we especially thank all our partners who have kindly agreed to accompany us for the success of this event.

Together, let’s lay the foundations for a real social development through artistic and cultural expressions!

Excellent festival to all of you!

Thank you.


Mamou Daffé,
Director of the  Festival sur le Niger


Message from the Mayor of the City of Ségou

Dear festival goers,

Welcome to the city of Balanzans, capital city of the former Bambara kingdom, for the 11th edition of the Festival sur le Niger.

It’s an honor for us to host the Festival sur le Niger every year, because it has not only managed to turn our beautiful city into a famous city, but it also contributes to turn Ségou, increasingly, into a pole of cultural excellence in West Africa. Over the editions, the festival, through the dynamism and creativity of its organizers, has established itself as a true factor of social cohesion, intercultural mixing, promotion of cultural and artistic expressions and development of the local economy.

We wish full success to the festivities of the 11th edition of the Festival sur le Niger. Thus, we open the doors of the city of Balanzans to our guests from Africa and around the world and we invite them to come and celebrate the colors of life on the banks of the Niger River.

My thanks go to the festival organizers for their commitment and professionalism for the development of the city of Ségou.

As the municipal authority and official partner of the festival, we wish a pleasant stay to all festival goers.

Enjoy the festival!

Thank you.

Ousmane Karamoko Simaga
Mayor of Ségou